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The Internet is now an indispensable need for any business for the daily tasks: email, web.It is difficult to imagine a users computer without an Internet connection or a few businesses have no way to access the Internet for business

Solution for effective load balancing VPN with Peplink network equipment

1. Introduction 

1.1. Internet - universal tool and indispensable requirements for each Enterprise

The Internet is now an indispensable need for any business for the daily tasks: email, web.

It is difficult to imagine a users computer without an Internet connection or a few businesses have no way to access the Internet for business.

+ Demand for daily work: Mail, VoIP, Web.

+ Application Requirements and extremely effective and multimeter to set wide area networks for businesses:

- Used as a backup for professional connections Wan

- Leased line, MPLS VPN,

- Establish Site-to-Site VPN,

- Remote VPN for Mobile / Home workers, Business travelers

+ Internet connection also help businesses reduce the cost of renting or leasing space Hosting for online applications as well as ensure the security policies for the enterprise or facilitate the maintenance and management of enterprise

IT infrastructure professional services by deploying online right now:

- Mail / Web servers

- Application servers E-Commerce/Trading

- VoIP Proxy / Server / Gateway

- Messaging Servers ...

+ Internet and Internet connection gives a really great performance for enterprises to exploit it fully and to some extent it is required:

- Cheap (Internet charges in Vietnam was very cheap, almost every business can subscribers high-speed Internet connection various types),

- Universal: the first Internet connections, more services can be deployed, from solution to solution users of the service providers (infrastructure or value-added).

1.2. The Advantages of Internet services in Vietnam

Vietnam Internet in recent years of tremendous growth and are still growing strongly over the investment to upgrade the network, increasing international Internet connectivity as well as consolidate and develop value-added services:

+ Many providers, more choice for customers and end users: VNPT, Viettel, FTP, EVN, SPT.

+ Strong competition and frequently between the exploitation of favorable result to the client.

+ Broadband development for various types of technology, the user different options in the specific needs: xDSL, FTTP, Metro Ethernet, WiMAX.

+ VNPT / strong lower Viettel is implementing the IP Bearer Network and Broadband Access network.

+ Terminals cheap and standardized, often offered free with packages from providers:

- ONT (Optical Network Termination unit) also xDSL NTU or less for free,

- The providers compete to win customers, the CPE device is virtually free,

1.3. The difficulty of Internet services in Vietnam

Besides many advantages mentioned above, Internet in Vietnam is pretty much exists significant:

+ Paradox in Vietnam:

- While network infrastructure equipment and backbone are particularly well organized, fairly or very modern (the leading network solution has been to manually deploy the technology giants

- Cisco, Juniper, Huawei , Alcatel, Ericssons, Siemens).

- Well Network Infrastructure Client Access Local-Loop (First-mile/Last-mile)

- including fiber optic and copper cable and radio are the problem?

+ While the overall stability of the service depends on all the elements: a lot depends on the access network, including the cable,

+ The way attitude and customer service:

- Professional and poor

- Extend the processing time,

2. VPN Load Balancing Solution

2.1. Status and Needs

Currently to establish wide area network for business people often use professional services such as MPLS or Leased Line or Internet.

While MPLS or leased expensive, redirecting customers to use the Internet a lot.

There are many ways to build wide area networks, and there are many different attitudes and preferences, different requirements for the Internet should not be said, though cheaper, and customers will occupy very little or no use of MPLS , Leased Line, which all still exist.Even so, can not be ignored when deploying an interesting wide-area network over the Internet, or businesses can use the Internet as a means of prevention or effective heating and Internet use policy management and MPLS appropriate traffic management.

For example:

+ The critical traffic such as CRM, SAP, VoIP, Video Conference, key user groups ...running on MPLS, Internet VPN backup (tentatively called VPN).

+ The flow less important: the run on the VPN, MPLS prophylaxis.

The fact that the company is less than 1 subscriber lines to MPLS that the property on the Internet at the same time

This makes the VPN connection is stable and more reliable MPLS.

Also VPN also allows for connection with high bandwidth WAN. This is easily seen because now easily connect to the Internet subscriber 1 to 30 Mbps with 1-3 million / month.

With so many businesses trust VPN, Internet saves them significant operating costs now.

However, due to inadequacies in the Internet space are universal service, quality and reliability can not be achieved on the quality of MPLS and obviously this is one of the reasons that enterprises depend heavily on WAN (the CRM applications, ERP ...) is not desirable and do not like to use.

"Internet too cheap" that led to the high bandwidth requirements, "Why not combine multiple Internet lines to fit a large bandwidth to have a stable and reliable?

"Peplink Balance gives you a very effective solution to establish a VPN over the Internet to overcome the above disadvantages.

For example, you have 2 offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, each of which has two 30 Mbps connection. With Peplink, you can establish a connection HCM

- HNI at speeds of 60 Mbps. In terms of cost, in total, less than 10 million / month. Granted, Internet bandwidth is not guaranteed. Firstly it is connected to the International, the second is just assuming only 50% committed to achieve, then you have HCM

-HNI bandwidth of 30 Mbps. You try to look at two aspects:

+ Compare prices with MPLS in the speed of 30 Mbps at a distance of HCM - HNI. RSystem Integrator & Distribution 3 (12)

+ Versatility of the Internet: Web access, Mail, Online Trading, Entertainment, E-Commerce ...As for reliability: each branch with 2 or more 2 or more connections from different providers, you hardly maintain seamless WAN connectivity at very low cost (rather than rationality).

2.2. VPN Load Balancing & Fail Over2 In recent years, the Internet in Vietnam could say boom. There could easily be 2 or multi-line subscribers Internet transmission quality of fiber, at least 10 Mbps bandwidth.

In addition to providing the utilities related to the Internet, Internet-term floor for corporate network administrators a VPN solution is very efficient and flexible for the WAN settings.PepLink with VPN capability provides robust and flexible integration into any business model to provide a reliable communication infrastructure for every business with the lowest cost.

2.2.1. Flexible VPN settings

+ If you are using Cisco, would you care to establish IPSec VPN Site-to-Site:

- Difficult to configure, especially those who are unfamiliar with the corresponding configuration.

- Can not configure more than one Internet connection to use and transfer data.

+ With PepLink, everything is simple but the results are very satisfactory:

- High security and privacy:- High Encryption: AES 256-bit,

- Distribution Algorithm PepLink own bandwidth,

- The ability to combine multiple Internet lines simultaneously (VPN Load Balancing),

- Ability Protection Switching (Redundancy / Failover)

- Promote simpler routing (Route Advertisement)

+ In addition, the number of businesses that are large and Site Features Online require high PepLink High Availabilty solution through VRRP support. Are you interested in from MPLS, Leased Line or Cisco Router incidents.

- High Reliable WAN,

- Low Cost (Low Cost),+ Head Quarter Site: 

+ First Remote Site: 

+ Second Remote Site: 

2.2.3. Router Advertisement

- simpleThe static route is advertised to remote automatic: 

2.2.4. The ability to combine effective bandwidth (VPN Load Balancing)

Total bandwidth allocated across all the selected Internet connection used.

+ You can choose to use the same time (VPN Load Balancing / Bonding), or

+ You can select Active / Standby (VPN Failover).

2.2.5. Ability Protection Switching (WAN Failover)

In all cases, the VPN connection automatic protection switching, as long as there Internet connection. The figure below shows disconnected without affecting VPN persists.

2.3. ExampleHere introduce a load all results of PepLink: Site Download Center files from the Internet branch 3 3 Mbps total capacity.

2.3.1. Download from Remote Site:

+ 9 user session initialization to perform remote file download via VPN.

+ This operation accounts for close to 3 Mbps bandwidth as the image below:

+ Shows results in uneven load distribution, Internet connections are used simultaneously. Both 2-way Up and Download.

2.3.2. Upload to Remote Site:

 Now performing an upload file remotely. Similar results, but in the opposite direction.

2.3.3. Site results collated at the Center: 

This section illustrates the comparison results at Site 2 times Center for Down and Upload branch. The obtained results match the flow obtained in the branch. Traffic evenly across all available connections in the Central Site. 

3. Conclusion

Peplink Balance for environmental design professional ready to give business users the ability to establish a wide area network Effective, Flexible and Powerful for many different audiences.

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